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Why a roof window?

Observation of the sky and stars causes in people a feeling of something greater. We get a feeling like there is something much greater than us. It might happen that in that same moment someone is staring back at us. At the same time, the starry sky relaxes us and simultaneously disturbs us because of all the possibilities of what is going on up there. Observing the sky is one of the things we all do, no matter the rase, gender or religious belonging. It is our common characteristic and it connects us, as we all seek the answer to the question: What is above us?
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Glamping – camping with style!

What is glamping?

Glamping is a rising trend, which gives camping a whole new meaning. Every camping lover has once been in a situation, when he wanted something different than a sleeping bag in the middle of the wilderness, trying to find the right position to fall asleep. We wanted to create comfort similar to the one we have at home, and if it was possible, we would take our bed with us to the campsite, if not the whole house. This is what glamping offers you! Homelike comfort with an experience of camping in wilderness. It means a carefree vacation in nature, where you do not need to put up a tent and light a fire after a long trip. At the same time, you still get a unique touch with nature.


Glamping is the future of camping

When we hear the word ‘camping’, our first thought is a scene by a lake, where we enjoy adventures with our family by a camp fire. But camping has developed into overcrowded campsites in recent years, where it is true that we camp with a tent, but we have almost zero contact with nature. We are ready to sacrifice that, because campsites offer comfort, which is very important to us. Noone wants to camp in a true wilderness. Reasons for that are in comfort. We want a good bed, electricity, internet connection, tap water, and beside that, we do not want any neighbours, we wish to have peace and privacy and an authentic connection with nature. This is what we call a perfect camping. Glamping offers this. It is designed to provide comfort in authentic nature. The statistics show that glamping is on the increase, as it is searched in browser more than 260.000 times per month. It is a new way of camping with style, which offers guests a whole package of comfort, privacy and true relaxation in pristine nature. More and more tourist providers are aware of a big opportunity that glamping offers. Although it represents a more elite way of travelling at the moment, it will develop into an affordable way of travelling in the future with more and more people using it. Tourist trends are in favour of glamping. They are in favour of comfort in a true pristine nature.

Glamping in Slovenia and around the world

We recognised the rising trend of glamping in our company Mizarstvo Hrovat and we are one of the pioneers developing glamping in Slovenia. It is still a sector that is developing and possibilities are countless, as more and more people notice chances they have with glamping. Some of the campsites already offer this kind of experience. One of them is famous Garden Village in Bled, where they present glamping with huge glamorous tents. The second attraction of this kind are the Gozdne vile huts, also in Bled, which offer an authentic touch with nature, as the huts are placed in the forest, but still near the lake. Herbal Glamping resort Ljubno has taken care of a nice vacation in nature, where you can find out more about herbs through different workshops and activities in nature.

The importance of glamping in Slovenia is founded on tradition, as resorts offer glamping in accordance with their tradition and history. An example of this is Ptuj, where you can stay the night in a wine barrel, which reflects their rich wine tradition and history. All those possibilities indicate that Slovenia follows world trends and that it will offer a lot of glamping possibilities in the future with its diversity and natural beauties, which will, consequently, lead to a bigger recognisability of the country.

Around the world, glamping can be already found on every continent in all different forms. You could be a fan of a normal tent, treehouses, mountain lodges, seaside houses. Glamping exists everywhere. It offers different varieties of accommodation in different parts of the world. You might wish a vacation in a warm hug of a fireplace, you might prefer lakes or you may simply enjoy forest nature. There are no limits when it comes to glamping. Because of its simple and inovative design, it offers just what every individual wishes for. A real adventure in a shelter of comfort.



Practical and comfortable!

The interior of glamping houses

Our glamping programme is offering four models at the moment. Moon Hill, Minimal at Sea, Mountain lodge and Value all have a bold and modern design. A good glamping house is the one that offers maximal relaxation. This can be achieved with a right location, which ensures an experience of authentic nature, and with a right equipment of a glamping house, which provides comfort and at the same time maintains practicality. The interior of the houses in our Glamping Solutions programme offers just that.

They are designed for a family of two or four and are divided into two parts. There is a double bed big enough for two adults on the left side of the entrance, but on the right there is a practical sofa, which is meant for relaxation or a quick nap. In case of a family of four, the sofa can be unfolded to make a double bed with the same dimensions as the bed on the other side. The process of unfolding the sofa is very simple and it takes only a minute of your time. There is an unfolding table, which serves as a night table or an extra space to put your stuff on. For storage, there are special shelves installed, which are fixed on the wall and have a double purpose.


Glamping Solutions - Mobility and comfort

The first purpose is to store clothes, plates, glasses etc., and the other is to store things when the shelves are closed. The shelves are designed to create a closed space, where your guests can put food and drinks. Extra space for storage offer two drawers under the double bed, which are big enough to store personal luggage. One of them has an extra function, as it can be used as a chair by the table.

Besides, there are some extra very useful accessories installed in our houses. A reading light hangs above the double bed. It has a unique mechanism, with which we can regulate the height directly from the bed. It is not necessary for the guest to get up, as it is all managable from a comfortable bed. If you choose a model with a roof window, there is a hook in the house, with which we can manage the roof curtain. Users can easily close the curtain if the sunlight is too strong without unnecessary and dangerous climbing on chairs or a table.

Glamping Solutions Attention to detail 669x444
Glamping Solutions Interior (7)

We are aware that we live in a digital era, when we have to be available all the time and that is why we installed numerous electrical sockets to charge your phone or a computer. When it is raining, they can be used to plug in an electrical heater.

Glamping Solutions Interior (5)

All of the above is designed with a vision to provide your guests maximal comfort and practicality.A glamping holiday is meant to be relaxing and our glamping programme offers that. Simple, quick and comfortable. That is what our glamping houses are.




10 pieces of advice on how to improve your glamping destination?

1. Take advantage of your locationsupanje
Your location is the first thing that causes »wow« effect on your guests. A lake under mountains, sandy beaches and sea, a clearing in the woods in the middle of untouched nature. All those locations cause people get feelings and emotions, which is very important, as they will remember, return and spread a word about a fantastic glamping location by those feelings.

Second advantage of a good location are the things that the location itself offers. A lake or sea could be used to rent a boat or a surf. There is also an increase in a new trend called »supping«, which provides lots of fun. If your glamping is located in mountains, extra value could be climbing, guided mountain tours or picnic locations on viewpoints, where couples can create unforgetable memories while having a fantastic view.

2. Fruit trees and flower
A beautiful flower garden makes a beautiful glamping destination. People are attracted to beauty, that is why well arranged destinations are more popular. A destination should consist of lots of colourful flowers, which will liven up the environment and they will have a positive effect on your guests. Besides, it is good to have some fruit trees planted, so that guests can enjoy in fresh fruits in the mornings and by doing so, they get an even better experience of being one with nature.

3. Privacy
Location and tidiness could be on the highest level, but it does not help if a neighbour constantly watches your plate. Privacy is an element that is important for every single one of us. We are social beings, but we still appreciate our own peace and privacy. Because of that, glamping houses should be distant one from another properly. If this is not possible because of a small location, fences in a proper height are enough to ensure the guests a peaceful experience of drinking a morning coffee.

4. Offer extra servicesWooden barrel
Holiday is a time of relaxation and a wide selection of wellness services is more and more important. Massages, saunas, hot tubs and other similar services rise the value of your destination. Especially, if everything is within your guest’s grasp. Also, sport activities like rafting, kayaking, zipline etc. are more than welcome. This way, guests will be able to enjoy in diverse days.




5. Eco pool
Eco pools are a great addition to your glamping destination. Guests of glamping campsites want to awaken their touch with nature. That is why ordinary pools are not the best solution, because they do not offer that little extra. On the other side, the eco pools offer just that. A natural source of water without any chemicals directly from the source is a big plus. It is an authentic nature in all its purity and intactness

6. Authentic food and drinks
Guests want to experience everything and even more on their vacation. They want to feel the beat of a city or a country. Local food and drinks are a very important part of that beat. They represent history of the region and their lifestyle. That is why it is important to have authentic dishes in your offer, which are made by following homemade recipes and are served just like at home. Only that way will guests truly experience the beat. When choosing a location, be bold and prepare a dinner on a beach or on a sightseeing point, where guests can enjoy their view while drinking a homemade wine.

7. Tidiness and deanliness
Those two are the most important aspects of every tourist place. No matter how good the offer, activities, location or food are, everything is meaningless if houses are full of dust, ways are overgrown and untidy or bathroom facilities are not cleaned daily. We have already mentioned the attraction of beauty and here the beauty is even more important. It is necessary to take care of cleanliness of the houses, gardens, walking paths or eco pools daily. Besides, this should be done discreetly without bothering your guests.

8. Customer comments and comlains book
It should be in every glamping house. It is a good indicator of what we are doing right and what should be done better. The book represents personal reactions of guests, from which we can plan for the future and from which we can learn and gain insight into your guests’ experience. It is an investment for the future, as we can plan new activities or remove some of them straight from guests’ reactions.

9. Details that do a big difference
Little things, which require very little effort, can make a huge difference. Chocolates on pillows, hombrewed beer in a fridge, special gifts when guests are leaving are the little things that essentially affect the final impression. Guests will remember those things, when they will be talking about their vacation and it may happen that such a small thing like a basket of fruit will lead to another visit.

10. Marketing
destination can have all the elements mentioned above, but if noone knows about it, it does not exist. That is why it is necessary to take care of recognisability. You should use all the social media available, different tourist portals and forums. You should invest money in advertising boards and TV advertisement. But the most important is a good word that spreads among people. A satisfied guest is the most convincing one, that is why everyone should be treated with respect and you should offer your guests an unforgetable experience.




Why should be all the glamping houses completely built in the workshop?

In company Mizarstvo Hrovat we always strive for a better material quality and a  precise production of all the wooden products as we are well aware of the importance of details and the durability of the product. We hold to this concept at the production of mobile glamping houses as well. The production of those houses requires a lot of technical knowledge and most of all the right tool to process the material precisely, which assures a long-lasting durability of glamping houses. That is why we started with a method, with which we build the entire house in our production areas and by doing so we ensure the desired quality. There are all required tools in the production hall for a precise wood production (planing, sawing, polishing, drilling holes etc.). All the work could be done on a terrain as well, but there is a higher possibility of mistakes. Work on a terrain runs slower, furthermore, we can be hindered by weather conditions as well. Consequently, the product would be more expensive and the quality of the production would be worse.

A question of transport often arise: »Do we need an exceptional transport to deliver a glamping bungalow?«

In most cases the answer is no. Mobile units are made in such dimensions, which suit the regular truck transport. In case of a unique custom-made model, where the total width exceeds 245cm, an exceptional tranposrt is required.

This kind of construction and design has one more advantage. In a dinamique world, where we do not know what will happen tomorrow, we have to be ready for changes, which could be caused by upcoming trends or a situation on the market, in advance. It may happen that the houses will have to be moved. This can be done with a car lift or a fork-lift lorry.

Glamping Solutions Transport (2)There is no special preparation needed on a micro-location, where the mobile unit will stand. We do not need any concrete base to install the unit, only point foundation or paving stones are required, on which we place the final product.

During the transport to the final location we need to protect the glamping house, construction and extra equipment properly. We organise everything in advance. The roof window (if a bungalow has one) is made of toughened glass, which is resistant enough to vibrations during the transport.

We decided for his kind of construction in order to ensure the best quality to the customers and at the same time to have as little work with the construction as possible. Everything is done by us, from the construction to the transport and final installation. By doing so, we maintain quality and speed, which have been our trademark for many years.

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