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The interior of glamping houses

Our glamping programme is offering four models at the moment. Moon Hill, Minimal at Sea, Mountain lodge and Value all have a bold and modern design. A good glamping house is the one that offers maximal relaxation. This can be achieved with a right location, which ensures an experience of authentic nature, and with a right equipment of a glamping house, which provides comfort and at the same time maintains practicality. The interior of the houses in our Glamping Solutions programme offers just that.

They are designed for a family of two or four and are divided into two parts. There is a double bed big enough for two adults on the left side of the entrance, but on the right there is a practical sofa, which is meant for relaxation or a quick nap. In case of a family of four, the sofa can be unfolded to make a double bed with the same dimensions as the bed on the other side. The process of unfolding the sofa is very simple and it takes only a minute of your time. There is an unfolding table, which serves as a night table or an extra space to put your stuff on. For storage, there are special shelves installed, which are fixed on the wall and have a double purpose.


Glamping Solutions - Mobility and comfort

The first purpose is to store clothes, plates, glasses etc., and the other is to store things when the shelves are closed. The shelves are designed to create a closed space, where your guests can put food and drinks. Extra space for storage offer two drawers under the double bed, which are big enough to store personal luggage. One of them has an extra function, as it can be used as a chair by the table.

Besides, there are some extra very useful accessories installed in our houses. A reading light hangs above the double bed. It has a unique mechanism, with which we can regulate the height directly from the bed. It is not necessary for the guest to get up, as it is all managable from a comfortable bed. If you choose a model with a roof window, there is a hook in the house, with which we can manage the roof curtain. Users can easily close the curtain if the sunlight is too strong without unnecessary and dangerous climbing on chairs or a table.

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We are aware that we live in a digital era, when we have to be available all the time and that is why we installed numerous electrical sockets to charge your phone or a computer. When it is raining, they can be used to plug in an electrical heater.

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All of the above is designed with a vision to provide your guests maximal comfort and practicality.A glamping holiday is meant to be relaxing and our glamping programme offers that. Simple, quick and comfortable. That is what our glamping houses are.




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