Why a roof window?

Observation of the sky and stars causes in people a feeling of something greater. We get a feeling like there is something much greater than us. It might happen that in that same moment someone is staring back at us. At the same time, the starry sky relaxes us and simultaneously disturbs us because of all the possibilities of what is going on up there. Observing the sky is one of the things we all do, no matter the rase, gender or religious belonging. It is our common characteristic and it connects us, as we all seek the answer to the question: What is above us?

When it comes to our mobile glamping houses we introduced this possibility to people. We offered an adventure and experience that is not possible anywhere else. In our glamping houses Moon Hill, Mountain Lodge and Minimal at Sea we can observe stars and dream about all the possibilites that the broad universe offers before we fall asleep. This is that special experience we need, as we normally see only neighbour’s bedroom that blocks our view from our home. We might even have a skyscraper in front of our nose. This is one of the reasons, why we decide for a trip into nature.

Our first thought when we plan a vacation in nature is camping. But we rarely ask ourselves, if it really offers all the comfort we need to escape from a hectic everyday life? Besides, camping has not been a lonely experience anymore for many years, as all the campsites are overcrowded and we do not have any peace. Furthermore, camping outside the campsites is more or less forbidden, because you might very easily end up on a private property.

The solution is glamping. In our collection of glamping houses we offer models, which offer a higher quality of living with a more and more popular roof window option. It is fixed throughout the whole roof so it can fully fulfil its purpose. The roof window in our glamping houses is a product of our own development.

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Imagine yourselves, how it is to live in a small, warm house in the middle of nowhere, when the only thing you hear is a sound of a fire in a fireplace, with a starry sky above you and with a person that means the most to you beside you. Get a unique experience that is almost impossible in today’s up-tempo life.

This way the glamping cabin becomes a useful and bright space even in a bad weather, as we can play board games with our family in the evenings without any worries that wind would blow away playing cards. The roof window offers much more than just a view of the sky. It offers limitless possibilities, if you let your imagination go.

Lots of times our vacation is ruined by a bad weather. We look forward to our holiday for a whole year, when we should enjoy the sun and fresh sea air, sit in front of our tents in the evenings, grill some freshly caught fish and hang out with our friends with a glass of wine. It sounds perfect, but then the rain starts and it ruins everything. Bad weather can be at least partly compensated in a room that is naturally bright enough.

We have a solution for hot summer days, when the sun is stronger and the glamping cabin is exposed to more heat. Our mobile units that offer a roof window (Moon Hill, Mountain Lodge and Minimal at Sea) come with a roof curtain, which takes care of the heat and it provides a cooler and fresher environment.

Why should someone decide for a roof window in his glamping house? The answer is simple. Because it offers everything one can wish for and needs deep inside. Human beings have been developing with nature. We are not an artificial product, but a product of nature, that is why we always try to find a touch with it. This is what we lost in the modern world. We need light and openness of our living space. The roof window provides us all of this, besides, it assures us the secrets of the universe and it might be you the one that is going to solve them, when you will stare into starry sky through the roof window.



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