Why should be all the glamping houses completely built in the workshop?

In company Mizarstvo Hrovat we always strive for a better material quality and a  precise production of all the wooden products as we are well aware of the importance of details and the durability of the product. We hold to this concept at the production of mobile glamping houses as well. The production of those houses requires a lot of technical knowledge and most of all the right tool to process the material precisely, which assures a long-lasting durability of glamping houses. That is why we started with a method, with which we build the entire house in our production areas and by doing so we ensure the desired quality. There are all required tools in the production hall for a precise wood production (planing, sawing, polishing, drilling holes etc.). All the work could be done on a terrain as well, but there is a higher possibility of mistakes. Work on a terrain runs slower, furthermore, we can be hindered by weather conditions as well. Consequently, the product would be more expensive and the quality of the production would be worse.

A question of transport often arise: »Do we need an exceptional transport to deliver a glamping bungalow?«

In most cases the answer is no. Mobile units are made in such dimensions, which suit the regular truck transport. In case of a unique custom-made model, where the total width exceeds 245cm, an exceptional tranposrt is required.

This kind of construction and design has one more advantage. In a dinamique world, where we do not know what will happen tomorrow, we have to be ready for changes, which could be caused by upcoming trends or a situation on the market, in advance. It may happen that the houses will have to be moved. This can be done with a car lift or a fork-lift lorry.

Glamping Solutions Transport (2)There is no special preparation needed on a micro-location, where the mobile unit will stand. We do not need any concrete base to install the unit, only point foundation or paving stones are required, on which we place the final product.

During the transport to the final location we need to protect the glamping house, construction and extra equipment properly. We organise everything in advance. The roof window (if a bungalow has one) is made of toughened glass, which is resistant enough to vibrations during the transport.

We decided for his kind of construction in order to ensure the best quality to the customers and at the same time to have as little work with the construction as possible. Everything is done by us, from the construction to the transport and final installation. By doing so, we maintain quality and speed, which have been our trademark for many years.

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