All the extra equipment and retaining units you need to establish your own glamping park.

  • Hot tubs
  • Terrace with a fence
  • Garden furniture
  • Pergola
  • Bathroom facility
  • Flower beds
  • Street workout equipment
  • Wooden cobbles
  • Benches
  • Rubbish bins

Cabin equipment

A terrace with a fence

We understand that it is necessary to provide an outside terrace beside the inside living space. It is not only a tool to ensure an even ground level of the surface, but it gives us a sense of homeliness and it marks the area reserved for guests only. Our terrace is made of high quality Siberian larch.

  • Ground plan dimensions: 400x245cm; the same as the ground plan dimensions of the living cabin
  • Materials: Siberian larch; a possibility to make it from other materials; impregnated spruce, thermally processed wood, exotic wood (ipe lapacho, cumaru, iroko, teak)
  • Minimal flooring height: 10cm
  • Predicted fence height: 100cm
  • An option to build a wheelchair ramp for persons with a physical impairment
  • It is possible to adjust the construction and dimensions to a micro-location
  • In case of an uneven surface, it is possible to build a cabin on pillars, raised from the ground
  • Moon Hill Platform
  • Mountain Lodge Platform

Garden furniture

As a production company, we offer garden sets in different designs, materials and dimensions. For the glamping cabins’ programme we would like you to turn your attention to the model “KRPAN”, which is adjusted to the concept. It is entirely made of solid wood (Siberian larch). The material is chosen very wisely, which makes it possible to last years and years without extra maintenance as Siberian larch does not need extra protection.

  • Wood quality: 1. b class
  • Table height: 74cm
  • Table width: 85cm
  • Seat height: 47cm
  • Bench width without a backrest: 38cm
  • Bench width with a backrest: 42cm
  • Board thickness: 9cm, backrest: 4cm
  • Predicted length to assemble the terrace: 130cm
  • Other possible lengths: 195cm, 150cm, 100cm. The length is adjustable to individual’s needs.
  • Polishing: double polished surfaces with a granulation of 180
  • Processing option: wood brushing
  • Protection option: impregnation
  • The garden set can be dismantled
  • Total garden set width (bench + table + bench): approximately 230cm. A suitable spacing from the bench to the table is taken into account.
  • Approximate weight: 150-200kg

Terrace shade

A shade made of natural cotton offers sun and rain protection in its open state or a wind protection when folded. The material is simple to use and maintain. With some help of a metal mechanism, the shade can be switched or removed in a matter of seconds.

  • Material: natural cotton
  • Weight: 340g/m2
  • Colours available: natural white (beige), brown
  • Metal materials for assembly made of stainless steel
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  • Additional features and equipment
  • Terrace Curtain
  • Terrace Curtain
  • Terrace Curtain

Roof window shade

The shade offers a protection against the scorching summer sun and provides cooler temperatures during the day. You can leave the shade extended over the whole surface of glass during the daytime. When the night comes, you can enjoy the clear starry sky with a simple pull of a handle.

  • Material: natural cotton
  • Weight: 340g/m2
  • Colours available: natural white (beige), brown
  • Metal materials for assembly made of stainless steel
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Solar energy

There is also a photovoltaic system, which changes the cabin into an energetically independent mobile unit, available as a part of our extra equipment segment. The solar panel, which charges the battery, is attached to the roof of the cabin. The system provides in the summer time enough electricity to manage all everyday functions, like: LED lights, charging of mobiles, tablets or laptops, extra lights etc. In winter time, it is necessary to save on energy, because there is less sunlight and the daylight periods are shorter. The solar system’s electronics is hidden in the construction and it does not spoil the external or internal appearance of your mobile cabin. Only the solar panel is visible as seen in the picture. The roof window is in this case divided into two smaller parts, which, nonetheless, follow the basic concept.

  • Maximum power: 300W
  • AC/DC current: 230V
  • Solar panel dimensions: 150×68 cm
  • A battery for storing energy is enclosed
  • The solar system electronics is hidden in the construction and it does not spoil the external or internal appearance of your mobile cabin
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Equipment for surroundings

Hot tubs

Our hot tubs follow the concept that has been used for centuries and it has also been proven right for the production of wine barrels. The walls and floor have a thickness of 40mm and are made of spruce, Siberian larch or thermally processed wood. With modern machines and experience we have upgraded the product so precisely that the barrel holds water without extra sealing. The joints between the vertical elements are designed with an innovative mortise and tenon technique -, which makes it possible to fit the wooden elements precisely even under a greater angle. This gives the hot tub an elegant look, quality and reliability. The rings that hold the hot tub together are made of stainless steel.


Basic equipment:

  • Hot tub rim
  • Safety fence
  • Rings made of stainless steel
  • The inner furnace is made of stainless steel or aluminium
  • Chimney
  • Stairs


A mobile outdoor sauna is almost a unique product on the market as it is designed in a totally new and unique style. The barrel-like shape provides a better air circulation, which is a huge advantage in comparison with traditional saunas. The volume, which we need to heat up, is 23% less than the volume in traditional saunas thanks to its shape. Therefore, the shape makes it possible to heat up the garden sauna faster and, consequently, with less costs.

The wooden floor is also one of the advantages in comparison with traditional saunas that have a concrete flooring. The wooden floor heats up faster, and besides that, the heat and moisture are well-disposed all over the space.

A team of experienced carpenters from our company takes the maximum amount of time to each and every product of ours to make it as precisely as possible. We do not mass-produce our products, which results in an elegant and aesthetically designed barrel-like Finnish sauna, which offers years and years of enjoyment, positive effects on your body and total relaxation.

The Finnish garden sauna takes about an hour to heat up to 80°C and about 2 hours to an optimal 100°C. The space is used very efficiently because of the barrel-like shape. Several persons can enjoy themselves at the same time in a relatively small space. The sauna is delivered fully asembled and it can be ready for use in a few minutes. The only condition is a flat surface.

More garden furniture
  • Shapes: horizontal barrel, vertical barrel, cube
  • Horizontal barrel lengths: 2.0m, 2.4m, 3.4m, 4.4m
  • Vertical barrel length: 2.2m
  • Cube length: custom-built
  • Materials: spruce, thermally processed wood


Wooden cobbles

You can arrange the surroundings and paths among the cabins and other units in your campsite with wooden cobbles. We assure you that your visitors will love it and the living experience in the natural environment will be even more perfect.

  • Material: wood
  • Extraordinary durability
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Very simple change of damaged parts

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When creative eye is combined with production capabilities, tailor made pop-up glamping facilities are developed.

We already have the third edition of igloos on our campsite and they are very popular with our guests. The service and handling from the order until to the delivery on site is to our full satisfaction.
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The company Mizarstvo Hrovat has over 50 years been dealing with solid wood processing. Through many years we have gathered experience and knowledge that are reflected in the quality of our products. As a family, we have been fans of camping and exploring new paths for many years.

We have developed a kind of passion that connects innovative technical solutions made of wood, which are different from our existing production programme and different from the products offered by our competitors. A part of our successful story could be you.
We see the future of our company in pop-up glamping, which is changing the way of camping around the world.