Moon Hill M presents its mobile glamping unit, which due to its unique features is suitable for all kinds of tourist complexes.

A futuristic architecture in combination with high quality materials sets new standards in this category. Carefully chosen materials ensure a long-lasting solution without extra maintenance costs. At the same time, it offers a sense of comfort and homeliness.

  • Glass roof
  • Unique in the market
  • Modern design
  • Attractive
  • Simple assembly
  • Compact boards
  • Uses only highest quality authentic Siberian larch
  • Does not require maintenance
  • 4 beds
  • “Turnkey” option
  • Heat insulation
  • LED lights
  • Toilet

We are setting new standards in modern architecture

Moon Hill M houses do not suffer from the common problem of lack of toilet. The unique feature of the cabin is that it has a fully equipped bathroom in the house itself. Your customers will have their peace and privacy, avoiding crowded public toilets.

Moon Hill M has been developed for providers, who wish to offer their guests a unique glamping experience and maximum comfort, regardless of where the cabin is situated. The exterior and the interior of the cabin are made of natural solid wood. The polished surfaces of the entire wooden area of the cabin give a feeling of softness and quality production. The external facade is oiled which emphasizes the natural structure of the wood and adds a gloss. The side walls are made of compact boards. A bigger exterior and interior makes the cabin look elegant. Moon Hill M gives you a unique experience!

  • A combination of Siberian larch and compact boards
  • Oiled surfaces for a more beautiful appearance
  • Elegant
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Marvel at the night sky

Is it time to sleep yet? Get into bed and turn off the lights. You are in nature – but despite this you are safe. Above you is the clear starry sky, glowing in all its glory. You are surrounded by comfort, homeliness and the person that means the most to you in the whole world. What more could you possibly ask for?

  • The roof window is made of toughened glass
  • Romance is ensured
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Optimally used interior

The small surface is big enough for 4 people and all their luggage. The interior is designed practically and deliberately and because of its flexibility it can offer accommodation for 2 to 4 persons. You can use it as a living room with a table, a sofa and lots of light on rainy days. Numerous drawers and shelves provide enough space for everything you need on your holiday. The advantage of this cabin is the incorporated bathroom with a toilet seat, shower and sink. You will not have to wait in front of public bathrooms and toilets. You will have your own peace.

  • Numerous drawers and storage areas
  • A folding table with a folding sofa/bed
  • Bathroom with a toilet seat, shower and sink
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Attention to detail

Precise production and carefully made details give the product a soul and a gives you a sense of security. Discover a selection of innovative solutions in the field of durability, functionality and comfort, which create a positive and unique atmosphere in the small space provided.

  • Innovative technical solutions
  • Uniqueness
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Appearance after two years

The living glamping unit is designed so that it does not need any special maintenance in the long term. The quality chosen wood makes it possible that the materials do their job even without a protective coating. Therefore, the costs of maintenance are minimal. Because the wood is exposed to the weather conditions, it will start turning grey over time. That is a natural process which cannot be avoided and it does not mean the wood is rotting or becoming mouldy. Nonetheless, we try to keep the original look as long as possible and that is why the external surfaces are oiled before delivery with high quality oils. Over time (it can last up to 10 years), the whole wooden external surface will turn grey. If you want to delay or slow down the process of turning grey, you can coat the wood with a suitable oil every year.

  • no maintenance
  • environmentally friendly

Extra equipment

Beside the basic living cabin, there are also different options for extra equipment, which follow the philosophy of our concept. Functionally and stylistically harmonized products offer guests the comfort that they expect. It is possible to assemble a terrace with a garden set and a pergola. It is also possible to offer your guests a bath in a hot tub or enjoyment in a sauna. Would you like to have a reception in the same style?

  • A large terrace
  • Wind protection
Extra equipment

Technical details

General information: Exterior: Interior:
External dimensions: 624x245cm Roof facade: oiled and polished highest quality Siberian larch Wall and roof covering: oiled spruce
Number of beds: 4 Side facade: compact panels Flooring: panel vinyl flooring
Rook window: YES Flooring insulation: 5cm, side wall insulation: 5cm, Wiring: LED lights, 220V sockets
Transport option: regular truck Roof insulation: air gap 2cm Dimensions of bed 1: 2000x1300mm
Dimensions of bed 2: 2000x650mm (2x)

Architectural ground plan

The living cabin Moon Hill M provides enough space for luggage, living, sleeping and personal hygiene. The window and door placement is designed with the purpose of maximising the sunlight in the cabin. Air circulation is steady, which leads to a remarkable feeling of well-being.

  • A possibility to adjust cabins individually
  • A wide range of options to process the interior materials
  • Bathroom with toilet, shower and sink
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Start your own glamping project

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When we combine our creative nature and production possibilities, pop-up glamping cabins adapted to an individual’s needs are born.

We already have the third edition of igloos on our campsite and they are very popular with our guests. The service and handling from the order until to the delivery on site is to our full satisfaction.
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The company Mizarstvo Hrovat has over 50 years been dealing with solid wood processing. Through many years we have gathered experience and knowledge that are reflected in the quality of our products. As a family, we have been fans of camping and exploring new paths for many years.

We have developed a kind of passion that connects innovative technical solutions made of wood, which are different from our existing production programme and different from the products offered by our competitors. A part of our successful story could be you.
We see the future of our company in pop-up glamping, which is changing the way of camping around the world.