The cabin is designed so that the final flooring, walls and facade are adjustable, but the basic frame remains the same in all cases.

We have prepared some typical versions, which with their design and colour combinations match the traditional living units on selected locations.

Small, but spacious

With interior dimensions of 4×2.4m we create a holiday or home living space. The units are designed very rationally and within the dimensions of 4×2.4m, which ensures a fast and simple transport in the shortest time possible. With a simple electricity connection we create a holiday or home living area. The rational design is affordable for private projects and bigger touristic communities as the flexibility and mobility of the unit allow us to adjust to current or long-term requirements.

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Mobility and comfort

The units are meant to be multifunctional with movable and adjustable indoor furniture and an external appearance which blends into the environment. The units are meant to be multifunctional with movable and adjustable indoor furniture and an external appearance which blends into the environment. The main focus is directed to the quality of living, which offers you an authentic connection between you and nature through the enormous areas of glass. What is especially interesting is the glass roof, which allows you to gaze into the distant starry sky or watch the peaceful movement of the clouds on their way through the infinite blue above.

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Optimised shape and appearance

The exterior of the cabins is adapted to local character and architecture with careful selection of materials and details. You can use it on your home garden as an extra room for you guests, as a study or for children as a playroom. For touristic purposes it is designed with beds and movable furniture that can be adjustable to every individual’s needs.

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The external appearance is adjusted to the local characteristics and architecture with a careful selection of materials and details. The rationally designed ground plan keeps the price inside the reasonable and affordable zone. You can use it on your home garden as an extra room for you guests, as a study or for children as a playroom. For touristic purposes it is designed with beds and movable furniture that can be adjusted to every individual’s needs. Being unique and being practical is usually hard to combine, but with our mobile houses we have managed to do it and it creates a special living experience. With an easy and quick assembly the houses are prepared in no time and their excellent insulation makes them usable throughout the year, in the winter snow or in the scorching summer heat.

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Building construction

The substructure is made of impregnated spruce. There is 5cm of heat insulation in the substructure, which prevents high or low surface temperatures from influencing  the temperature in the cabin. We use spruce flooring to cover the heat insulation before the final layer. The front and rear walls have a skeleton construction made of spruce and the side walls are clad with spruce panelling on the inside and with OSB boards on the exterior. Between the two walls there is 5cm of heat insulation. “Max boards” are used for the final layer with a carefully chosen pattern. Elements of 42mm thickness made of spruce take care of the stability and insulation of the roof. The hydro insulation is fixed from the exterior. We understand the importance of durability and the frequency of maintenance in every investement and that is why we use only first class authentic Siberian larch that does not contain the centre as the final and visible layer.

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The simplest, and in the short term the cheapest way of heating is an electric heater inside the cabin, but you can use it only if the electricity is wired to each glamping living unit separately. In case the eco bungalows do not have electricity installed, we use a simple wood or pellets fireplace, which do not need external power. In this case, the minimum length of the cabin is 5 m, beacuse the assembly of a furnace requires more space than is predicted in the basic unit. The ecological and in the long term more suitable solution is central heating with a common boiler room, which supplies heat to each glamping living unit separately with the help of an underground installation. Therefore, extra space is not required. Electric wiring is only necessary in the boiler room.

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We use authentic Siberian larch that is more durable than the plantation Siberian larch, which is used by most manufacturers due to its low cost.

The forests in Siberia are mostly very dense. There is very little space between two trunks and very little sunlight reaches them. That is why the trees grow slowly and mostly at a height so they can absorb the sunlight. Since they grow slowly, the annual rings in the trunk are formed very close to each other. Consequently, the authentic Siberian larch has in most cases more than 10 annual rings per 1cm of crosswise cut surface. The plantation Siberian larch contains approximately 3 or 5 annual rings per 1cm of surface area. The denser wood is more durable. A piece of wood that contains more than 8 annual rings per 1cm is considered as a “resonant wood”. Resonant wood acts very normal. When the humidity is high, it expands evenly. On the other hand, it contracts evenly when the sunlight and temperature is high. That is how cracks are less likely and the wood does not curve that much. Because the only source of sunlight in Siberian forrests is up high, the branches grow higher as well. Most of the trunk remains bare and it contains almost zero gnarls or resin, both of which spoil the appearance of the final product. In the centre of a trunk there are tensions, which join together after we have cut the tree and this is where cracks are formed. That is why we cut the centre (also called the pith) before we continue with processing. Nevertheless, there are still gnarls here and there. Those, that could fall off in the future, we drill through and insert an artificial gnarl, which cannot fall off. Then we plane the surface and polish it twice so that the final appearance is flawless. For an extra gloss we oil the wood before the assembly. This is how the facade of your new bungalow is made.

Surfaces that are regularly in touch with water turn grey over time. The process of turning grey usually lasts a couple of years. On more exposed areas the wood starts turning grey earlier. This is a consequence of a chemical reaction among the substances in the wood and the acidic substances in rain. Over time, the grey colour becomes the same in all areas and it does not change anymore. That is how a natural protective layer is created that cannot be removed. In areas that are not exposed to water, turning grey can be prevented if you oil the surface regularly. We suggest that you leave the natural appearance. It is the best way to avoid the extra costs of maintenance and you will have no worries in the future.

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  • Materials
  • Materials
  • Materials


  • cabins are delivered fully assembled
  • simple ground preparation – a concrete slab is not required
  • the unloading and assembly on the microlocation is carried out using a fork-lift truck or a a car lift
  • up to 3 cabins can be delivered with a single truck
  • road width necessary for delivery: 250cm minimum, 300cm recommended
  • worldwide delivery, also by ship
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  • cabins are delivered fully built
  • no expert or special tools are needed to assemble the cabin on location
  • simple ground preparation – a concrete slab is not required
  • in case you want to assemble the cabin yourself; the instructions for ground preparation are enclosed
  • unloading and assembly on the microlocation is carried out using a fork-lift truck or a car lift
  • a “turnkey” option is available
  • units are easily transportable after assembly on microlocation
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When creative eye is combined with production capabilities, tailor made pop-up glamping facilities are developed.

We already have the third edition of igloos on our campsite and they are very popular with our guests. The service and handling from the order until to the delivery on site is to our full satisfaction.
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The company Mizarstvo Hrovat has over 50 years been dealing with solid wood processing. Through many years we have gathered experience and knowledge that are reflected in the quality of our products. As a family, we have been fans of camping and exploring new paths for many years.

We have developed a kind of passion that connects innovative technical solutions made of wood, which are different from our existing production programme and different from the products offered by our competitors. A part of our successful story could be you.
We see the future of our company in pop-up glamping, which is changing the way of camping around the world.