Creating spaces for new memories and adventures under a starry sky. We are contractors with many years of experience and references in the field of making wooden outdoor constructions. We have combined our knowledge and experience to create unique tourist units, which follow the trends in tourism and living.

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Moon Hill EXTERIOR_1


The contemporary design , restrained, suitable for all locations . Made of durable and environmentally friendly materials.

Mountain_ Lodge_Exterior_1


For an unforgettable vacation in nature. Suitable for all locations and manufactured with materials that are particularly suitable for highgrounds.

Minimal at sea_Exterior 3


Minimal at sea is perfect for enjoying the sea side. Ergonomically shaped and designed to stay at sea.

Value_Exterior_1 251 161


Something different ? This is a Value. Alternative format, green facades and materials …

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Moon Hill video presentation on Salon Sett

This video represents mobile glamping accomodation cabin Moon Hill that was exclusively presented on Salon Sett 2016 fair in Montpellier.

Too Camp about us

Web portal Too Camp is presenting advantages of glamurous camping in Glamping Solutions concept by Mizarstvo Hrovat.

Start your own glamping project

Do you want to become a provider of Glamping services or do you want to have your own eco campsite? We have prepared FREE CATALOGUE of our products, to help you find the perfect solution for your project.

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POP UP glamping packages

When creative eye is combined with production capabilities, tailor made pop-up glamping facilities are developed. Our packaged solutions are operational on your chosen site within six to eight weeks. Packages offer a comprehensive response to challenges, posed by undertaking of implementating your own glamping camp.

Our knowledge and experience were combined in a unique tourist solutions that follow trends in tourism and housing. Together with our customers we bring new dimensions to space and outdoor experience.

  • Package Proud pioneer (3 cabins + support units)
  • Package Proud pioneer plus (6 cabins + support units)
  • Package Luxury wild resort (10 cabins + support units)
  • Package Glamping village (20 cabins + support units)

»Love life. Love nature.«

For over 50 years the company Mizarstvo Hrovat has been dealing with solid wood processing. Our customers can be equipped for simple and complex glamping projects, including conceptual design, project documentation and complete execution of custom wooden parts. We are proud of our products and together with customers looking forward to responses.

Extra equipment

Our company is specialized in producing all kinds of wooden products for outdoor use. Among them are external equipment for house and garden,  simple mobile infrastructure for glamping and urban equipment for parks and walking trails. Since the mission of our company is to satisfiy our customers,  our products are manufactured exclusively from the highest quality materials. Among our extra products you will find:

  • Hot tubs
  • Saunas
  • Wooden terraces
  • Raised garden beds
  • Boiler houses and woodsheds
  • Fences
  • Mobile objects
  • Pergolas
  • Wooden pathways
  • Wooden facades


When creative eye is combined with production capabilities, tailor made pop-up glamping facilities are developed.

We already have the third edition of igloos on our campsite and they are very popular with our guests. The service and handling from the order until to the delivery on site is to our full satisfaction.
Stephan & Aline Blatter-Rieder, Camping Lazy Rancho 4, 3800 Unterseen-Interlaken, Switzerland


The company Mizarstvo Hrovat has over 50 years been dealing with solid wood processing. Through many years we have gathered experience and knowledge that are reflected in the quality of our products. As a family, we have been fans of camping and exploring new paths for many years.

We have developed a kind of passion that connects innovative technical solutions made of wood, which are different from our existing production programme and different from the products offered by our competitors. A part of our successful story could be you.
We see the future of our company in pop-up glamping, which is changing the way of camping around the world.

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